Why I hate Christmas.

I don’t hate holidays.  Just Christmas.  I actually happen to LOVE Halloween, I think it’s fabulous having one day where we can all be someone (or something) else.  Take on a whole new persona, or just take advantage of the opportunity to wear your pajamas all day.  Not to mention candy and tasty treats everywhere, now who can complain about that?

But Christmas…. Ugh.

Don’t get me wrong.  I absolutely love giving.  I live for helping others.  I just don’t want to be obligated to give gifts on a specific day.  That makes it like a chore; a job with a deadline, and completely destroying any meaning behind it.  There is the stress of knowing Christmas is just around the corner and needing to get my shopping done, fighting crowds at the store as well as what seems like inflated prices after the Black Friday insanity (which I stay FAR away from).  I want my gifts to have meaning, and not necessarily monetary value, but sentimental value.

I give things to the people I care about throughout the year, without having to stress about it.  For example, over the summer I was at Sears picking up an air compressor I’d purchased for myself.  While waiting on the employee to grab it from their holding area, I browsed through the tools.  I noticed a set of sockets that were adaptable to size and could extract bolts with rounded heads as well.  I thought my dad could use a good new set of sockets, so I bought them and gave them to him when I saw him a couple weeks later.

Now I didn’t get him anything for Christmas, but I think he enjoyed his socket set that he used all summer more than he would have enjoyed a gift boxed set of Christmas mugs.