In support of Pewdiepie

Everyone else is talking about this guy, so shit.  I might as well jump on that band wagon and give my 2 cents about the whole mind-numbingly stupid ordeal.

I didn’t know who Pewdiepie was.  I saw the name a few times in association with YouTube, and all I thought was “what a weird as fuck name.”

Now, with news of this banning crap popping up all over the internet like zits on a 15 year old, curiosity killed the cat and I had to see what the guy was about.

You get that Disney?  YouTube??  I can’t be the only one that didn’t know about this guy until you decided to act like a spoiled toddler and basically shit on him because the mean words he used hurt you in feelz so hard 😦

For Fucks Sake, put your big girl panties on and GET OVER IT.

What your ban did was actually get the guy even MORE publicity, and even MORE support from average people, including people like me that don’t pay attention to trendy YouTubers.  But the dudes got my support, and I’m pissed as hell because what you did was complete and utter douchebaggery.

Yeah, you made it so he’s gonna lose a ton of money, pat yourselves on the back for that.  But guess who else is going to lose money when potentially 50 million people stop buying Disney and Google owned products because they don’t want to own products that come from crybabies?  What if this guy heads over to another video hosting site, taking even half of his subscribers with him?

What the hell has happened to free speech?  Apparently it’s only free as long as you say the right things.  Can’t say “Kill the Jews”, but feel free to say, “Kill Hitler!” or “Kill Trump!”, and I don’t even see a whole lot of commotion when people say, “Kill the Muslims!”

What the hell is up with that?

It would be one thing if it was a serious threat.  But come on, it is obvious that it was a shitty joke that was taken out of context.

I don’t have a problem with anyone in particular.  I have a problem with the division, the favoritism, the finger pointing, the pitting of people against each other, the shunning of this, the glorification of that….  gimme a fucking break already.   We are getting sick of the soap opera you big corporation tough guys are putting us in.  What next, wedgies and stealing lunch money?

Fuck you, assholes.

Pewdiepie, keep doing your thing.  Until free speech is taken away, I don’t see why you should feel the need to apologize for anything you say.  You didn’t sign a contract saying you couldn’t use specific words, right?  I mean, no one likes an asshole.  So I don’t think an asshole would have 50 million wanting to watch their videos.  Even if you were an asshole, no one is forced to watch your content.

Sorry if my choice of words has offended anyone.  Actually, not sorry, because if they did, that just means you need to grow the fuck up and stop being a victim that is soooo easily offended.  I’m using the same 26 letters you use, just arranging them in different ways than you do.

I’m sure my choice of photo and extreme use of free speech will get my account locked or suspended, but its ok.  I have no followers anyways, so I’ll take one for the team here, no problem.